It is our delight to welcome you to the Lower (primary) School of this prestigious institution. We all know that the primary school is the foundation and the most important level on which other levels of education stand, you are therefore in for a most outstanding experience in your child’s teaching and learning activities.


We are committed to developing a learning focused pupil/ child that is provided with all the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st Century global society. Learning is not limited to only academics, but also includes artistic, musical, physical and intra/inter-personal areas.

So, we foster independence, critical thinking, problem- solving skills, confidence, public speaking skills, team work, self- discipline and love for learning. Not leaving out the six (6) ethical values from the Pillars of ‘Character Counts’: Fairness, Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Caring and Citizenship.

Moulding a 360 degree child with these virtues will definitely inspire good leadership skills into such a child who goes on to be a positive ‘game changer’ in his/her society, within and outside the country.

So, join us on our stimulating and excellent pedagogical train ride and be fulfilled!

Our strong belief in equality of opportunity in education is geared to ensure every child counts. This ensures that all pupils, regardless of aptitude or background can fulfill their innate abilities and capabilities with our differential learning programmes. This creative mindset is carried out in an interesting, exciting and stimulating teaching-learning environment with our talented, qualified, God-fearing and dedicated team of teachers. Our pupils are assured of a life-long positive learning and experiences

We do not exclude the inputs of our ever supportive parents and stake holders in the nurturance and development of our future generation in I.G.S; our beautiful small world.

So, join us on our stimulating and excellent pedagogical train ride and be fulfilled!